What to do in Leuven?

What to do in Leuven?


Leuven is the hometown of Stella Artois beer and the famous INBEV brewery. We say that a Stella tastes best in Leuven, which probably isn’t true, but we like to believe it :). In the many beer tasting bars in Leuven, you cannot only drink Stella, but try hundreds of award winning Belgian beers.

The old market square in the historical city center is called the longest bar in Europe, since this square alone has got over 40 bars in a row. Each bar has its own characteristics, so you’ll always find a bar for you to have fun at. Some great names to check out:

  • The Capital has one of the largest beer menu's in the world! 
  • Domus is perfect for great food and beer pairing. They also have a brewery you can visit! 
  • Fiere Margriet is a piece of history you can't miss! 

All of this makes Leuven a great party town, only a stone's throw away from Brussels. However, that's only the start! 

When visiting Leuven, make sure you don't miss out on these other top attractions:

Got some more leisure time left? Or only got a limited amount of time? Get some inspiration in this Leuven in 24/48 hours guide! 

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