Three words: BEER, BARS and STUDENTS. Leuven is the hometown of Stella Artois, one of the biggest beers in the world. We like to say that a Stella tastes best in Leuven, while this may not be strictly true, Leuven and Stella taken together are definitely a good thing

The old market square in the historic center is known as the longest bar in the world, since this square alone has 40 bars adjacent to each other. Each bar has its own character and mood, so you'll always find a bar that suits you. Some more statistics: the center of Leuven has 90.000 inhabitants, plus 60.000 students, of whom 5.000 are exchange students.

All of this makes Leuven a great party town, "so close to Brussels".


Equal rights, so girls pay for the drinks too!

Home of Stella Beer, Stella!!!

The longest bar in the world!

Centrally located easy access to Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent and even Paris or Amsterdam…

60.000 students in 177 bars

Fresh meat in September