Bar & Lounge

Bar & Lounge

The Cube Hostel Leuven - best backpacker hostel and hotel leuven city. Our boutique style hostel is equipped with a lounge, cinema, café, ... Are you curious how our hostel leuven looks like? Discover here what you can expect concerning our bar & lounge during your stay at the best youth hostel leuven.

Belgium is known for several things, but no doubt one of the more interesting ones is its craft beers.

Blond, white, brown, cherry, light, heavy? Doesn't matter, we have it all. And with a little bit of luck, you'll get the matching glass as well! No promises however, some are killed in action from time to time.  

Definitely try Leuven’s world famous beer ‘Stella Artois’ and start learning how to order your ‘pintje’ in the Flemish bars. 

It's not all about the beers however. You just want to enjoy a drink with friends of family, or just wanna relax? Then you're more than welcome to enjoy the bar and lounge area. Try one of our fantastic coffees, cappuccino's or latte's! Doesn't matter what day it is, in the end we only need coffee on days ending with "y". 

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